About Us

Mel Moving And Delivery was developed by a young hardworking entrepreneur born and raised in the heart of Long Island NY, one day Mel got this crazy idea of starting a trucking company. In 2015 he bought a yellow cargo van people called it “The yellow school bus.”

Mel then decided to venture out and his first task was to make deliveries.
Later on down the line people always asked if he does junk removal which he learned more about the business and started taking on more junk removal jobs. After that it just open more Avenues to the business.

In the present day we have decided to move and haul junk to help people have a better quality of life and be happy in their own space.

We continue to do things the old-fashioned way, one customer at a time. Our pricing is simple we offer fair, up-front pricing, and we will call you 15 – 30 minutes ahead of every job. We love to keep the places clean so we clean and sweep up after ourselves.

It’s the MEL MOVING AND DELIVERY way. Call us today and experience the difference!