Packing Service Nassau County

Cost Effective Packing Service Nassau County: Simplify Your Packing Process With Us

Packing requires strenuous efforts and is an extensive operation that needs utmost care. Having embarked on this packing services business, we have been catering to the packing needs of the customers for years. Having successfully done numerous operations with careful coordination, we today stand above all in the competition with an indelible market presence that stays embedded in the heart and minds of the customers. We have plenty of experience to keep the packaging in top-notch condition, accentuating its look through our bespoke craft.

We take care of your precious belongings and safely mobilize them to the next place where you choose to stay. Years of experience in the operation have taught us different yet unique ways to get things done aptly. Our packing services Nassau county can make your move memorable, convenient, and stress-free. No individual has time in abundance to be attentive to keeping their valuable items in the order and transport them safely to the new place. It is a dilemma for many packing companies and feels intimidated to accept the task wondering if they would be able to do justice to the expectation of clients.

Our professional team devote themselves to packing followed by taking safety precautions for items as well as members involved in the project. You receive your belongings in a new place with the quality intact and without any damage. The multi-layers of packing give your items unparalleled protection against rubbing, jolt, or bruises. We ensure

  • Affordable prices
  • Modern technology
  • Professionally trained packers
  • Fast and timely service

Are You Planning To Move Down A New Place Or City: You Need Reliable Fast Packing Service

As one of the best packing services in Nassau county, we provide uninterrupted and comfortable packing services to our customers. Any customer looking for packing services expects their valuable items to be treated with care so that it reaches safety to a new place with the quality intact.

Very few companies emphasize safety and quality while moving from one place to another and often encounter a jolt that affects the aesthetics and gloss of items. As a reliable, dependable, unique, and most above all the best in everything, we take care of all aspects and strive to make your delivery worth remembering.

Best Convenient Packing Service Nassau County: Get Your Fragile Items Packed Carefully

Every move comes with different complexities and when moving from your house, it has a range of items within it. Some items are lighter and some are heavier including home-based gym equipment, electronic appliances, fine art, etc., that require a professional hand with special attention. We ponder a lot over items that are fragile, expensive, and can get broken with a single touch.

To keep them protected, a highly professional and experienced packing service team can bring peace to the person these items belong to. Items such as antiques, exquisite art pieces, and musical instruments call for utmost safety and our specialist with requisite gloves carries out the tasks efficiently, packing your most valuable possessions from all areas to ensure they remain safe throughout the transportation.

Professional Packaging Service For Local And Long Distance

When thinking to move to a new place, budget constraints often come in the way as most of the sought-after packing company Nassau county ask for hefty amounts to get the job done. However, the same is not the case with us, we move your belongings on a budget with a guarantee to keep the items unaffected. It is not every time you get support from your friends, family, or neighbours to pack or unpack but professional packing specialists like us can make the relocation process smooth and comfortable.

We get you settled in a new place with our best packing services that offer:

  • Careful packaging
  • Custom packaging
  • Keeps your items organized
  • Safety during transportation

If you are distressed about how to pack your precious items, just give us a call for a minute and get the job done the right way!


Finding packing supplies can be expensive and frustrating. Long Island Movers can provide just the supplies you need at the right price and no more.

Supplies Description Price
Small box For kitchenware,
books, shoes and pantry items
Medium box For items up to 60 pounds
such as pots, pans, toys and picture frames
Large box For lamps, linens, clothing
and other items that aren’t too heavy
Wardrobe box For shipping clothing like
suits, jackets, pants, and dresses
Metal bar To serve as hanging rod
across the top of the wardrobe box
Blanket box For large pillows and
Packing paper To protect fragile items
during the move 25lb
Shrink wrap, roll For binding large boxes together or
securing furniture, glassware and other fragile items
Bubble wrap (20 feet) For cushioning fragile items $15
Tape, six-pack For sealing and securing
moving boxes