Piano Movers Long Island, NY

Looking for a professional moving service to help you relocate your piano instrument? You’ve come to the right place.

Making sure that your piano arrives at your new place without harm or scratches is essential. Not only can careless moving leave your piano with dents and scratches, but it can also permanently damage the instrument. This is why it’s so important to partner with a reputable piano moving company to help you transport your piano to your new place.

Here at Mel Moving & Delivery Services, we understand the importance your piano has in your life. It’s therapeutic to play, sounds wonderful, and has many fond memories associated with it. We also understand the risks that come with moving such a precious instrument and have taken care to mitigate these risks.

Our movers have the training, experience, and tools required to safely and quickly move your piano. To learn more about our professional piano moving service, continue reading or give us a call today.

Why Hire a Piano Moving Company?

Attempting to move the piano yourself or hiring a moving company that isn’t specialized in piano moving can quickly lead to disaster. Youtube is full of videos of untrained people dropping and destroying pianos while attempting to move them.

By partnering with professional piano movers, you secure the following advantages for your move:

  • Piano movers have experience: contrary to recruiting family and friends, professional piano movers actually have experience with transporting pianos of varying sizes and models. Don’t risk damage — hire a professional baby grand piano moving service for your prized instrument.
  • Piano movers are efficient: moving a piano on your own can take hours longer than expected. Pianos are heavier than you think! Instead of losing hours to moving your piano, hire a local piano mover to get it done for you. A local piano moving service will know how to navigate narrow hallways and staircases efficiently in order to get your piano move done in no time.
  • Piano movers have the right trucks: one of the biggest struggles when it comes to moving a piano is that most individuals aren’t equipped with a vehicle large enough for their piano. This becomes a non-issue when you hire piano movers as they will have a moving vehicle big enough to comfortably accommodate your instrument.

About Our Piano Movers

Mel Moving & Delivery Services offers you a team of professional, fully licensed, insured piano movers. We offer competitive piano moving prices and flexible time slots.

Whether you have an upright piano, a grand, baby grand, or any other kind of piano, our piano movers will help you have a safe and secure move with as little stress as possible. To book our team of professional piano movers, give Mel Moving & Delivery Services a call.