White Glove Movers

What are white-glove movers exactly? While the term “white-glove moving” is often thrown around by moving services, few moving companies offer a truly specialized white-glove moving service.

Instead, many moving companies disguise their full-service moving package under the pseudonym of white-glove moving without specifically training their staff to handle a real white-glove relocation.

At Mel Moving & Delivery Services, we’ve invested in the training, equipment, and packing materials to provide our customers with a true white-glove moving experience.

white glove moversWhat Makes White-Glove Movers Special?

White-glove movers are specially trained and equipped to execute difficult moves. They have the knowledge and skill necessary to pack and move fragile, valuable items.

Working with a white glove moving company ensures that your valuable items are kept safe during every step of your move. Packing, transportation, and unpacking are all done with the utmost care.

White-glove movers have packing materials and use techniques that most full-service movers don’t use. This ensures that every item white-glove mover handle, pack, and transport arrive at its final destination in perfect condition.

If you have delicate, collectible, or valuable items that you need to have packed and moved, contact our team and request our white glove moving service.

White-Glove Moving Services

Here at Mel Moving & Delivery Services, we are proud to offer white glove moving services to our clients.

We know how stressful a relocation is — especially one where valuable items are being handled and transported. We offer the confidence and expertise that few other moving companies do. When you hire our team of white-glove movers, you can rest assured that your move is being taken care of and that your items are safe in our hands.

Our white-glove movers can take care of the packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking of your valuable items. We’d also be more than happy to provide you with a climate-controlled storage solution for your belongings if they need a temporary home-between-homes.

About Our White-Glove Moving Company

Our white-glove moving services to give you confidence that your valuables are being treated with care. Our white-glove movers have 12 years of experience helping relocations go more smoothly and safely.

We take pride in our white-glove movers’ professionalism, carefulness, and exceptionalism. Working with Mel Moving & Delivery Service ensures that you have a premium moving experience. Our white-glove movers will take care of all of the loose ends to make sure that you have the best move of your life.

Contact a Reliable White-Glove Moving Service

If you are preparing to relocate and are looking for a white-glove moving service to trust your belongings with, give us a call.

Here at Mel Moving & Delivery services, we have a team of white-glove movers that’s ready to take all of your moving stress. Our team of white-glove movers has 12 years of professional experience working with valuables and making sure a safe move is accomplished.

If you would like to receive an estimate for your upcoming relocation, give us a call. We’d be happy to send our white-glove movers to make your move easier and less stressful.