Packing Services


Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Packing to move can be the worst part. Anyone who has relocated knows the hassles: You run out of the right-sized boxes or packing supplies halfway through the job. Or you start to unpack but you can’t recall, no matter how hard you try, which of those dozens of boxes contains your remote or the cords for your electronics. A professional full-service moving company can eliminate the hassles and ensure that your possessions arrive at your new location in perfect condition, on time, as quickly and cheaply as possible. NEW YORK MOVERS is the best packing and moving company for all your relocation needs. If you’re the DIY type, our friendly professional packers and movers will set you up with all the supplies and know-how you need. Or if you prefer, Mel Moving full-service movers will do the whole job for you. No need to worry about rough handling. Long Island Movers will care for all your belongings and fragile items as if they were our own. Contact us for the best Moving, Packing and Delivery services. We look forward to serving you!

Some Common Packing supplies

Wardrobe box

Packing Paper

Packing Tape

Dispenser packing a parcel isolated on white background

Bubble Wrap

Moving Boxes

Dish Pack


Finding packing supplies can be expensive and frustrating. Long Island Movers can provide just the supplies you need at the right price and no more.

Supplies Description Price
Small box For kitchenware,
books, shoes and pantry items
Medium box For items up to 60 pounds
such as pots, pans, toys and picture frames
Large box For lamps, linens, clothing
and other items that aren’t too heavy
Wardrobe box For shipping clothing like
suits, jackets, pants, and dresses
Metal bar To serve as hanging rod
across the top of the wardrobe box
Blanket box For large pillows and
Packing paper To protect fragile items
during the move 25lb
Shrink wrap, roll For binding large boxes together or
securing furniture, glassware and other fragile items
Bubble wrap (20 feet) For cushioning fragile items $15
Tape, six-pack For sealing and securing
moving boxes