Freeport Packing Services

Best Packing Company Freeport: We Offer A Wide Array Of Packing Services To Suit Your Budget And Needs

Moving your belongings from one place to another in a safe manner is not as easy as it seems. In order to safely move to different places, all the valuable items should be properly packed. Often questions about choosing the right moving and packing company must be coming to mind with no idea of things to be taken into consideration while looking for them. You probably may not be having an idea of what it takes to pack and move items. Because you might not have ever done that and you do not even need to!

We have years of experience in transporting items safely to different destinations and your case is no exception for us. Our freeport packing services are designed to satisfy all your moving and packing needs at affordable costs. You can count on us for all your moving and packing needs as we work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Our company has all solutions for the packing needs of the customers that are kept at the forefront.

Pack All Your Belongings In Safe And High Quality Boxes

To make the moving journey enjoyable and worth remembering, we use high-quality moving boxes with adequate storage to keep the quality of the items intact. Our packing solutions are tailored to the needs of the customers that come with the necessary packing experience and quality packing supplies. We do not compromise in giving our customers the supreme level of quality and we do it with the use of moving boxes that are water-resistant and hold unparalleled strength.

With the use of heavy-duty cardboard for boxes, the packing reaches A-grade quality and is not vulnerable to the risk of tear and wear. Our professional packers Freeport can give you many reasons to count on us when it comes to the safety of goods. With quality packing supplies such as packing tape, cardboard boxes, stretch wrap, etc, be confident that your belongings are safe and secure. Our customers deserve stress-free and top-notch security in the return for their investment and we do not disappoint them in any area.

Choose Our Reliable Packing Service And Simplify The Moving Process

When it comes to professional packing services Freeport, the only team you can rely on to fulfill your packing and moving needs is Mel Moving and Delivery. We understand you fall short of time to pack your items and practically are not trained to do it the right way.

Our advanced packing techniques for most of your valuable items can leave you delighted. We strongly emphasize securely wrapping and boxing all items that can guarantee that nothing of your items gets damaged during the move. Our Freeport packing services can help you

  • Wrap every valuable item in a way that reaches the destination without any damage and still remains carefully wrapped. With the minimal chance of damage, you have reason to feel confident about the safety of your items.
  • Place all items appropriately, arriving at your new destination. Our convenient service not only helps you pack but also takes the required time to systematically place your items in the marked spots so that aesthetics and ambiance of the house get embedded in the memory of beholders.
  • Manage everything efficiently as we prioritize your time and keep you away from chaos. Your liberty to work or spend time with family is not affected once you entrust the work to us. We ensure to make our customers happy with what we do in our packing profession, catering to their expected needs with on-time arrival and fair pricing.

If you are interested in availing of our packing solutions freeport, you can call us right away and get the best packing and moving experience!


Finding packing supplies can be expensive and frustrating. Long Island Movers can provide just the supplies you need at the right price and no more.

Supplies Description Price
Small box For kitchenware,
books, shoes and pantry items
Medium box For items up to 60 pounds
such as pots, pans, toys and picture frames
Large box For lamps, linens, clothing
and other items that aren’t too heavy
Wardrobe box For shipping clothing like
suits, jackets, pants, and dresses
Metal bar To serve as hanging rod
across the top of the wardrobe box
Blanket box For large pillows and
Packing paper To protect fragile items
during the move 25lb
Shrink wrap, roll For binding large boxes together or
securing furniture, glassware and other fragile items
Bubble wrap (20 feet) For cushioning fragile items $15
Tape, six-pack For sealing and securing
moving boxes