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Top Packing Company Suffolk Country: Avail Services From The Comfort Of Your Home

In this age of digitalization, we are aware that it is imperative for a reputed business like us to stay upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment and the right methods and we leave no stone unturned in serving our customers with the best in everything. One of the concerns of clients in the process of packing and moving is the loading and unloading of delicate yet expensive items.

You may feel intimidated by the hassle involved in the process but we do it with ease, emphasizing safety and security for your precious belongings. Mel Moving and Delivery is known to provide same-day delivery and get your residential and commercial delivery handled using proper equipment and year of experience despite the chaos all around.

Professional Packing Services Suffolk County: Make The Process Stress Free

Mel Moving and Delivery believes in understanding the clients with their needs and expectations when moving out of the city permanently. Their valuables hold an important place in their heart for countless memories are embedded with those belonging that they want to cherish for a lifetime. At the time of moving, they expect the packing services in Suffolk County to make the end-to-end relocation process easier with their quality packaging. Our expert professionals are known to provide complete satisfaction to clients with top-notch packing services.

Not only just economical packing to entice the customers, but we also live up to our promises by catering to their entire packing needs. No clients want their items to get damaged or affected during the transit and pay a good amount to keep them protected. Despite the investment, if any customer does not get the value of their hard-earned money, it is better to do something else.

However, once you become our client, it is impossible for you to think of any other packing company in Suffolk County. What makes us the leading Suffolk County packing services is our perseverance and unwavering commitment to serving customers with the best. Our dedicated professionals put their heart and soul to cater to your packing requirements successfully.

Use Of High-Quality Packaging Materials To Keep Your Valuables Protected

Product or any item packing has many complexes and difficulties when moving them from one place to another. Our expert team of packing is profoundly associated with the process of packing and rectifies the deficiencies easily that act as a barrier. Depending on the size of the packing, we meticulously pack them using different types of boxes that are of high-quality packaging materials. We place impotence on using gadgets and shock-absorbing articles for fragile items.

Be it the packaging or unpacking, our team of packers do the tasks with ample respect and strive to load and unload the items, considering them as their own products. Thus, our customers have to never worry about damage or any risk with us as it is one of the important skills that we believe we are incredibly good at.

Professional Packers Suffolk County Ensure Safety Of The Goods

Packing of goods does not seem to be a difficult task if they are executed by an expert team of Mel Moving and Delivery. It, however, involves a lot of hassles with different difficulties that act as an encumbrance and can delay the project. It requires the best and most experienced team of packing professionals to get the job done effortlessly otherwise, many times some projects end up experiencing losses as a result of damage caused to exquisite and expensive items. The entire shifting process depends on the packing of the goods followed by moving and if done perfectly, it contributes to building a robust business along with leaving customers gratified.

You may be on the list of our happy customers. If you want to experience stress and  a hassle-free packing process, we are happy to help you!


Finding packing supplies can be expensive and frustrating. Long Island Movers can provide just the supplies you need at the right price and no more.

Supplies Description Price
Small box For kitchenware,
books, shoes and pantry items
Medium box For items up to 60 pounds
such as pots, pans, toys and picture frames
Large box For lamps, linens, clothing
and other items that aren’t too heavy
Wardrobe box For shipping clothing like
suits, jackets, pants, and dresses
Metal bar To serve as hanging rod
across the top of the wardrobe box
Blanket box For large pillows and
Packing paper To protect fragile items
during the move 25lb
Shrink wrap, roll For binding large boxes together or
securing furniture, glassware and other fragile items
Bubble wrap (20 feet) For cushioning fragile items $15
Tape, six-pack For sealing and securing
moving boxes