Senior Movers

Whether you yourself are a senior or you’re looking into seniors move services for a friend or family member, this article is for you.

Senior relocation can be time-consuming, stressful, and emotional, which is why having the right relocation team by your side can do wonders to improve the entire experience.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of downsizing as a senior or get in touch with melmovinganddelivery.com/senior-movers/ to speak with one of our senior movers today or to know more about our complete Moving Services.

Our Senior Moving Services

Here at Mel Moving & Delivery Services, we have a team of qualified movers to ensure that the senior in your life has the services that they need in order to have a stress-free, smooth transition to their new home.

Our seniors move assistance team is equipped with all of the tools and empathy needed to successfully complete senior moves in a manner that is comfortable and efficient for every senior.

We understand the emotional toll that a relocation can have on an elderly person and we want to do everything in our power to create a comfortable transition with as few emotional bumps as possible.

Here are five tips to make your senior family member or friend’s move simpler and more efficient.

  1. Give your senior time to process and grieve the change. Don’t wait until the last moment to begin the moving process, start discussing and planning the move well in advance.
  2. Talk about all of the benefits that come with downsizing so that the senior in your life can feel excited instead of hesitant about the change (see the next section).
  3. If your senior family member or friend needs to get rid of some items, start small with the decluttering process and slowly expand. If they are especially attached to certain items, encourage them to make legacy gifts out of them for relatives or friends.
  4. Listen to the stories that come with various items — listening can be a great way to assist your senior with processing and consequently may better enable them to let go of certain items.
  5. Partner with a senior moving company to remove some of the stress off of your senior family member or friend.

Benefits Of Downsizing As a Senior

What are some of the benefits that come with downsizing as a senior?

If you are trying to convince a family member or friend that downsizing is a good next step, here are five benefits that you come with downsizing that you can share with your family member.

  1. Seniors can enjoy living in a space that is more tailored to their needs. Homes that are smaller, don’t have stairs, or have other features that enable them to live more conveniently.
  2. Downsizing means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying hobbies.
  3. Moving may place seniors in a more convenient location, closer to family members and friends.
  4. Downsizing may be a financially advantageous move.
  5. Downsizing is a good way to simplify your senior’s life.

Partner With a Reliable Senior Moving Assistance Service

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Our senior moving professionals would be happy to answer your questions or get you scheduled for your relocation.