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Relocating an office and its contents is a job of massive proportions. Most importantly, it’s a job that experienced, and reliable office movers should only handle. When in need of commercial moving Nassau/Suffolk County professionals with more than a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Mel Moving & Delivery Services. As our name suggests, we will be happy to relocate your office belongings without incurring any damage – all at a price that your business can afford. Request a free moving quote from our team and experience a seamless business move with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

We can relocate offices of all types and sizes

For Mel Moving & Delivery Company and our team of office movers of Long Island loves, there is no job that is too big or too small. Quite the contrary – we pride ourselves on being able to handle jobs of all sizes and proportions. However, we need you to be transparent about the number, size, and difficulty of items that you want to relocate. In addition, safe relocation of some items requires special equipment, which is why we like to be ready beforehand.

Commercial moving Nassau/Suffolk County NY experts that will provide minimal business downtime


The trials and tribulations of an average office move are many. However, the common thing that seems to worry most business owners is the prospect of significant business downtime. A relocation is an event that will inevitably disrupt your regular business flow, briefly putting an end to significant productivity and efficiency. And while you cannot avoid some business downtime, it doesn’t have to last so long that you start losing customers or clients because of it.